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Mr. Comley focuses his practice on the defense of DUI cases, as well as the defense of other misdemeanors and felonies.  DUI cases in California are some of the most complex misdemeanor cases in the state.  From illegal stops, to improper chemical testing, arresting officers make mistakes, and these mistakes can be used as leverage for a reduction or dismissal of a case. Call for a free and confidential review of your case with Mr. Comley, an attorney who has worked for both the prosecution and the defense.  Click here for an explanation of how DUI cases progress.

Recent Results

DUI – .15 BAC chemical test, reduced to a “wet and reckless.”

DUI – .24 BAC, client was facing enhanced penalties, a 10-month license suspension, and a 9-month DUI class.  Through creative negotiating and persistence, client only had to complete the 3-month alcohol class and did not lose his license for the increased 10-month period.

DUI – .9 BAC, reduced to a wet and reckless.

Sexual Battery – Client was facing registration as a sex offender.  After a court trial, where Mr. Comley drafted the trial brief as co-counsel, client was found not guilty of sexual battery, and did not have to register as a sex offender.

Domestic Violence – Client was charged with domestic violence and two other counts.  The domestic violence and the other two counts were dismissed, and the case was resolved with one count of a non-domestic violence crime.

Petty Theft – Prosecution agreed to dismiss the theft charge in exchange for 3 days of community service.

Second DUI – No additional jail time at sentencing.

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